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The port of Sami is the gateway to one of the most beautiful places on Kefalonia. Arriving at the port, Andisamos beach is signposted off to the right. Antisamos beach is set in an attractive horseshoe bay with hills climbing steeply on either side. Unfortunately former fields at the back of the beach that was once home to only goats have been graced with a large taverna and car park. When I first visited all those years ago there was nothing here except the rugged landscape. In my opinion that is how it should have been left.

Considering that this is probably one of the most visited beaches on the island the access road has not had that many improvements, it's a very winding road, and in places is very narrow. A car is the only way to reach this beach unless you care for a long and steep three kilometre walk along a narrow road. Antisamos beach is covered in sparkling white pebbles which continue under water to create a very deep aquamarine shimmer that is very attractive.

My very first experience of driving here in 2002 was quite a shock, on a particularly narrow section I had pulled over to the mountainside of the road to allow an oncoming vehicle to pass. I could not understand why the driver had stopped and would not continue, so decided to carry on, as I passed the stationary vehicle I realised that he had stopped with his wheels literally inches from the edge of the road with not even a blade of grass to stop him going over a very steep drop.

When I got nearer Andisamos the road did widen and in places it actually had road barriers. As the road descended I was met with a magnificent view of the whole of Andisamos bay. The lush green mountainside leading down to the rugged pebble beach and beautiful crystal clear blue and turquoise sea was absolutely outstanding, it certainly did . . .

. . . "take my breath away"

Update 2004: On my return here the road to the bay had been closed to traffic for some time, work carried out may now have improved it. I was only able to gain access on my very last day on the island, the work had not yet been finished and although the road was still quite rough, the digger driver actually moved his machine to allow me to pass.

Update 2005: I found very little had changed, apart from the holes in the road being repaired no real improvement to the road here had been made. Although on nearing Andisamos a new viewing area has been built on the top bend with a very nice view of the whole of the bay.

Update 2008: It appeared that an attempt was being made to widen this road in places by a few inches, but there was a lot of lose gravel along its edges, which required some very careful driving. Great care still needs to be taken when driving back from the bay as much of this road is still without barriers . . . it is, however, well worth the drive down to swim in this absolutely breathtaking bay.

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