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Avithos Lake (Megali Akoli) can be found tucked high up in the hills of south east Kefalonia on the outskirts of Agios Nikolaos, a small working agricultural village. Avithos lake is set amid very dramatic scenery. Pine clad mountains surround the village, along with many vineyards on the hillsides. It is a very rewarding drive here from Sami, the valley cutting through the mountains make breathtaking views. The road continues through majestic terrain, green hills and gorges in the middle of the 'Poros Defile' and down into the very picturesque, busy port of Poros.

On the outskirts of Agios Nikolaos, a tiny road leads to a small parking area, it is then a pleasant walk around the olive groves that leads to the lake. It is said that no one has ever managed to measure the depth of the lake, that’s why it is called Avithos (bottomless in Greek).

I was very surprised at the size of Avithos, it does not look like much more than a small pond, but in actual fact it is a deep water supply. The abundant water actually comes from a number of fresh water springs that pumps water to the local village and irrigates the valley. The springs from the lake join with the winter rains to make up the main river Vohinas, that flows through to Poros. 

The tranquility here is amazing, with bird songs filling the air it truly feels a million miles away from the busy resorts on the rest of the island. Avithos Lake is surrounded by foliage, it's deep blue, still water, reflecting like a mirror the distant mountains. The water was so still that I could see tiny insects creating minute ripples on its surface.

. . . A truly magical place.

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