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Along the very scenic Fanari road between Lassi and the capital Argostoli, on a rocky outcrop at Cape Theodoran, stands the Theodori Lighthouse.

Built in 1829 by the British governor of the island at the time, Sir Charles Napier. Although the port of Argostoli was one of the safest, its entrance was deceptive for those navigating, with ships frequently running into the reefs.

The lighthouse, with its round Doric construction (resembling, the oldest and simplest of the three orders of architecture used in ancient Greece), with columns almost 12 feet high, was completely destroyed by the 1953 earthquake that devastated most of the island. It was rebuilt to its former glory from original plans.

Although it is visited by many tourists, I was still able to spend time on my own sitting on the rocks here absorbing the fantastic views . . .

. . . evening scenes of the gulf of Argostoli make this a spectacular place to visit.

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