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Horgota, what can be said about this part of Kefalonia? Beautiful? stunning? Yes . . . all these and more!

There are no road signs to Horgota, also known as Gorgota, it is only marked on some of the road maps of the island. Perhaps this is why at the moment it is unspoiled by tourism, also until the last time I visited, it was difficult to get here by road so it was mainly visited by sea with the occasional yacht mooring off in the bay.

I was here in 2004 and was dismayed to discover a small tarmac access road had just been completed leading down to the pebble beach. I sincerely hope that this is not a sign that tourist development is going to follow and spoil such a peaceful and remote part of the island.

Horgota is so beautiful with fir and olive trees surrounding a rugged beach. Access is through a small mountain village where the road narrows, barely suitable for one vehicle, widening out to a very steep 7km long road with plenty of dramatic hairpin bends leading down to the sea. The views on the way down are absolutely breathtaking, with the island of Ithaca as a wonderful backdrop.

I sat on the old derelict pier with my son and daughter in tranquility that is beyond description.

Swimming in these very deep, crystal clear blue waters is something I will always remember . . .

. . . for a while, it felt like I had found paradise!

Paradise Lost: On my return visit in 2005 my fears that the new road, built here during 2004, would spoil this beautiful tranquil place were to my utter dismay proved correct. Instead of peace, I found cars parked all down this new road, the once peaceful beach full of tourists, some with tents underneath the olive trees, the remains of their campfires strewn over the beach. Hardly any wooden slats from the pier remained, either taken as souvenirs or burnt on the campfires. I left with a heavy heart and anger at the way some people have no consideration for preserving the peace and beauty of this magnificent Island. I hope that in building this new road, and the shameful behaviour of some visitors that a lesson is learned so that other remote parts of this Island are not ruined by tourism.

Update 2008: I returned to Kefalonia in July 2008, and drove down to Horgota beach early morning hoping to catch the sunrise over Ithaca. After the scenes that I had witnessed in 2005, I could not bring myself to return here in 2007 even though I was on the Island so I had not been back to Horgota for over two years and in many ways dreading what I would find here, I was, however, absolutely delighted to find that the local farmer appears to have reclaimed the beach with his goats. The beach is smaller now than it was then, as he has built a small retaining wall, which takes up part of the beach, with a couple of small outbuildings, only a small amount of the pier now remains. It no longer appears to be a tourist attraction, as I revisited by boat a few days later during the day and still not a soul in sight . . . peace and tranquility has returned!

Update 2010:
I returned here in 2010 during the day and was very pleased to find Horgota fairly deserted with just one other person on the beach. I had a wonderful swim in Horgota's crystal clear bay and then sat for a while on some rocks taking in the amazing scenery. All that is left of the pier is the old rusting frame that once held the wooden slats together, these have now completely disappeared . . . This is still one of my favourite places to just sit in tranquility and take in the breathtaking views of Ithaca and this beautiful island.

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