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Across the island of Ithaca from the Katharon Monastery, a 4 kilometre road runs up to the mountain village of Anogi or Anoi, its name means 'at the top of the world', it is at a height of 500 meters and is Ithaca's oldest village. My journey continues for approximately another 12 kilometres passing through the village of Stavros and into the tiny little fishing village of Frikes, approximately 20 kilometres from Vathi.

The name Frikes either originated from the ancient god Frikon, or from the pirate Frikon who used the bay as his base. The area was uninhabited during the Middle Ages due to the presence of pirates. Frikes was founded (after the 16th century) by the inhabitants of the villages of Anogi and Stavros and is a lovely coastal settlement. Today, only a hundred residents permanently live in Frikes. The little village surrounds a picturesque port lying deep into the bay. Despite its size, there are ships going to Nydri in Lefkada and Fiskardo in Kefalonia all year round.

The village which, according to certain writers, identifies with Rithro port, mentioned by Homer, is related to Greece's recent history since it was here on the 13th of September, 1944 where local members of the resistance with very few weapons succeeded in seizing the German warship "Antuanetta" and capturing its crew.

The road here is extremely narrow, but I am very pleased I decided to pause my journey in such a peaceful place. There are two well-preserved windmills on both sides of the port, the bay is an ideal place to relax and swim. I would have liked to stay longer, but unfortunately my time on Ithaca was limited, so I reluctantly left Frikes to continue my journey leaving behind this really lovely place.

. . . I really must revisit in the future and spend more time here.

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