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Kipoureon Monastery is situated on the western side of the Pali Peninsula, on an un-surfaced road. It was built on a steep overhanging cliff 90 meters above sea level. On the spot where the bell-tower now stands, a monk from the Tafil Monastery originally built a hut and began to cultivate the land, then in 1759, the archbishop of Paxi, Chrisanthos Petropoulos built the church. In previous years, several monks lived in the convent, but unfortunately today only one is left. It now operates as a manly monastery. It has an exceptional built church inside which post-Byzantine icons and valuable monastic heirlooms can be viewed.

The Monastery was demolished in the 1953 earthquakes that rocked the island and in 1964 only the church was rebuilt. Today the cells are being rebuilt and the Monastery is slowly regaining its pre earthquake appearance, which can be ascertained by viewing the old photographs that can be seen in the guest's quarters.

After spending some time on Xi beach, I travelled back up to Lixouri and then across through some very small villages, Delaportata, and Kaminarata, approaching the Monastery Kipouria from the north after a journey of between 15-20km. Walking through the entrance beneath the old bell tower, it was wonderful just to wander around with my daughter, past the old well in the stone paved courtyard and to stand under the grapevine with a view of this truly dramatic coastline.

On my return journey I continued south and stopped on a high road looking back at the Monastery. The scenery here is unique and anyone who fails to visit has truly missed something really special on this beautiful island of Kefalonia.

. . . The landscape here can only be described as breathtaking.

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