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Discover Scuba Diving on Kefalonia - A new centre was opened in 2007 in the main street of Lassi. If you are short on time, but still want to experience the thrill of Scuba Diving under the supervision of a 'PADI' professional, then try the introductory course for complete beginners.

I went along with my son, every aspect of the dive was explained, with a short theory lesson and a diving skills practice session. Members of the diving team put us at ease. We helped load the equipment onto the vehicle that was to take us to Argostoli harbour. After loading the speedboat, a fast thrilling run across the bay to explore an offshore reef teeming with aquatic life. The diving instructors were always only within arm's-length away on and under the water, checking our equipment and making sure we were OK. I felt safe and secure with a team of highly professional divers.

It is hard to describe the feeling of taking your very first breath under water it is certainly something that my son and I will never forget.

The whole session was approximately three hours long including about 30 minutes spent underwater exploring the reef. Photographs were taken and given to us free of charge on a disk to keep our memories of the dive alive. I can highly recommend anyone to take the time, and experience this amazing highlight to their holiday on Kefalonia.

Other courses are available including and open water 4-day course plus many specialist courses for more experienced divers.
There are daily dive trips for qualified divers of all levels to numerous dive sites offering amazing scenery with drop offs, caverns and wrecks. Explore this beautiful island's reefs in waters with visibility of 30-40 meters, rich with marine life.

Thanks Steve and the team for an unforgettable experience . . . "we'll be back!"

The photographs below were taken by Steve of our dive and are not for sale - click on the thumbnails for a larger view:

Update: Unfortunately on my return in 2011 the Diving Centre here in Lassi was closed. It appears that the problems with the Greek economy has affected some businesses on Kefalonia.

Hi Steve sorry to have missed you, If you are in the UK you know where to find us be great to see you again take care . . . JR
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