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The old village of Skala was completely destroyed during the 1953 earthquakes that destroyed most of the island. The ruins remain on the hillside in an area known as Mi Ambeli, from its many vineyards (vineyard-ambeli). They overlook the new village that was rebuilt further down along the coast.

The new Skala is the most southerly resort in Kefalonia. I would say that it is probably the most developed tourist area on the island. It has a large, long expanse of sand and pebble beach. It is quite safe to swim here although the shoreline does drop off fairly quickly; the area also attracts many water sports activities.

It can get very busy here during the main tourist season. The resort has grown rapidly over the last few years, with many new quality accommodations being built along the coast road. If you are willing to travel out along this very scenic coast road towards Poros there are many small bays where you can still find space for yourself. Having said that, I do not know how much longer this will be possible, as it appears that there are current plans to further develop Skala with a promenade, and more shops, etc., being built along its shoreline.

I sincerely hope that this area is not spoilt by over development, at the moment it is still a very beautiful scenic road that leads from Skala to the port of Poros.

Update: I drove from Poros to Skala in 2007 and although I noticed quite a number of new developments dotted about on the hillside along this coastal road, they do not appear to have, at the moment, any detrimental affect to this particular area, as it has always been the main area for tourism. Providing it is not overdeveloped it seems to be coping with the building so far.

2019 update: As I drove along the coast road from Poros to Skala very little had changed apart from one or two new villas set into the hillside. It was only when I began to enter the outskirts of Skala that I saw some major changes with new apartments and hotels built as you enter the town. It has a large, long expanse of sand and pebble beach here so there is still room for this development. Although it is an area that is to touristy for me and I try to avoid. Having said that it is only my opinion and you should not be put off from staying here. It has some very fine restaurants and hotels with plenty of room on the beaches.

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