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Welcome to my KEFALONIA & ITHACA SECTION. I had great pleasure in photographing these images on this stunningly beautiful and friendly Ionian island. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did touring and meeting the very friendly and likeable Kefalonian people. Use the INTERACTIVE MAP and enter this truly magical island. Please go to home page and click on the relevant link for purchase procedure. Contact me for any info. . . Enjoy!

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Mirtos-001 Mirtos-002 Mirtos-003 Mirtos-004 Mirtos-005
Mirtos-001.jpg Mirtos-002.jpg Mirtos-003.jpg Mirtos-004.jpg Mirtos-005.jpg
Mirtos-006 Mirtos-007 Mirtos-008 Mirtos-009 Mirtos-010
Mirtos-006.jpg Mirtos-007.jpg Mirtos-008.jpg Mirtos-009.jpg Mirtos-010.jpg
Mirtos-011 Mirtos-012 Mirtos-013 Mirtos-014 Mirtos-015
Mirtos-011.jpg Mirtos-012.jpg Mirtos-013.jpg Mirtos-014.jpg Mirtos-015.jpg
Mirtos-016 Mirtos-017 Mirtos-018 Mirtos-019 Mirtos-020
Mirtos-016.jpg Mirtos-017.jpg Mirtos-018.jpg Mirtos-019.jpg Mirtos-020.jpg
Mirtos-021 Mirtos-022 Mirtos-023 Mirtos-024 Mirtos-25
Mirtos-021.jpg Mirtos-022.jpg Mirtos-023.jpg Mirtos-024.jpg Mirtos-25.jpg
Monument Acqui-001 Monument Acqui-002 Monument Acqui-003 Monument Acqui-004 Monument Acqui-005
Monument Acqui-001.jpg Monument Acqui-002.jpg Monument Acqui-003.jpg Monument Acqui-004.jpg Monument Acqui-005.jpg
Monument Acqui-006 Monument Acqui-007 Monument Acqui-008 Monument Acqui-009 Monument Acqui-010
Monument Acqui-006.jpg Monument Acqui-007.jpg Monument Acqui-008.jpg Monument Acqui-009.jpg Monument Acqui-010.jpg
Monument Acqui-011 Monument Acqui-012 Monument Acqui-013 Monument Acqui-014 Monument Acqui-015
Monument Acqui-011.jpg Monument Acqui-012.jpg Monument Acqui-013.jpg Monument Acqui-014.jpg Monument Acqui-015.jpg
Monument-Pastra-001 Monument-Pastra-002 Monument-Pastra-003 Monument-Pastra-004 Monument-Pastra-005
Monument-Pastra-001.jpg Monument-Pastra-002.jpg Monument-Pastra-003.jpg Monument-Pastra-004.jpg Monument-Pastra-005.jpg
Monument-Pastra-006 Monument-Pastra-007 Monument-Pastra-008 Monument-Pastra-009 Monument-Pastra-010
Monument-Pastra-006.jpg Monument-Pastra-007.jpg Monument-Pastra-008.jpg Monument-Pastra-009.jpg Monument-Pastra-010.jpg
Monument-Pastra-011 Monument-Pastra-012 Monument-Pastra-013 Monument-Pastra-014 Monument-Pastra-015
Monument-Pastra-011.jpg Monument-Pastra-012.jpg Monument-Pastra-013.jpg Monument-Pastra-014.jpg Monument-Pastra-015.jpg
Mounda-001 Mounda-002 Mounda-003 Mounda-004 Mounda-005
Mounda-001.jpg Mounda-002.jpg Mounda-003.jpg Mounda-004.jpg Mounda-005.jpg
Mounda-006 Mounda-007 Mounda-008 Mounda-009 Mounda-010
Mounda-006.jpg Mounda-007.jpg Mounda-008.jpg Mounda-009.jpg Mounda-010.jpg
Mounda-011 Mounda-012 Mounda-013 Mounda-014 Mounda-015
Mounda-011.jpg Mounda-012.jpg Mounda-013.jpg Mounda-014.jpg Mounda-015.jpg
Mounda-016 Mounda-017 Mounda-018 Mounda-019 Mounda-020
Mounda-016.jpg Mounda-017.jpg Mounda-018.jpg Mounda-019.jpg Mounda-020.jpg
Mounda-021 Mounda-022 Mounda-023 Mounda-024 Mounda-025
Mounda-021.jpg Mounda-022.jpg Mounda-023.jpg Mounda-024.jpg Mounda-025.jpg
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